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Intentional Engineering & Design of Harmonic Egg


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Intentional Engineering & Design

The Harmonic Egg is dodecagon-shaped chamber, constructed of wood. The unique bio-geometrical shape harnesses and focuses energy directly to your body.  Unlike the water in a sensory deprivation tank, the wood composition will not hold energies from prior clients; the Harmonic Egg is self-cleaning.  Clients rest comfortably in a zero-gravity chair, mounted to a hexagonally-shaped platform which promotes an energetic 360-degrees experience.

Using a sophisticated sound system and multi-colored lights, sessions in the Harmonic Egg are a personally-tailored experience that addresses the specific wellness goals of our client. The light therapy and music are each intentionally-selected after an in-depth consultation. The music will play an important role in the relaxation process. Hundreds of music selections were studied and considered for the Harmonic Egg. Each of the selections are specifically composed and mastered for relaxation sessions in the Harmonic Egg, including the music composed and recorded by the co-founder of Harmonic Egg - Naperville, Harmony Polo. 
Bio-Geometric Design

Bio-Geometric Design

The bio-geometric design of the Harmonic Egg is based upon Nikola Tesla's numbers of energetic significance: 3, 6, and 9. The Harmonic Egg was intentionally designed to harness available energies utilizing Tesla's mathematical Golden ratio.  Tesla was quoted as saying: "If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe."

The Harmonic Egg is intentionally designed with a dodecagon exterior (12-sided).  Inside the Egg is a hexagon platform (6-sided) where the zero-gravity chair is located - providing 360 degrees of healing inside the egg.

Audio Recording of Gail Lynn

Audio Recording of Gail Lynn
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