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We provide an extraordinary wellness experience to nourish and heal our clients’ mind body and spirit.

Harmony & Ken's Story

In the fall of 2021, we saw an interview with the Harmonic Egg's Inventor, Gail Lynn, and were immediately drawn to have our own experience. At that time, the nearest location to our Naperville home was Missouri. We made plans to visit a Center, then our plans changed. Although the desire remained, life continued without our direct experience.

In December, Ken’s Brother slipped on ice, falling hard on the back of his head.  He probably had a concussion but chose not to seek medical attention. Two weeks later, he had an unsettling car accident. 

Hearing this, Ken went on Gail Lynn’s website to find the nearest Harmonic Egg Center to his Brother’s Minnesota home, then contacted the St. Paul Center owner, Sharon Crowley.  Sharon had just opened her center two weeks before.  Ken was so deeply inspired by their phone conversation that he booked a session for his Brother, and sessions for us too.  That weekend, we traveled to St. Paul to meet Sharon and to have our first experiences.  If you ask one of us or choose to attend one of our upcoming talks, Ken and/or I will share the stories of our first experiences with you – each uniquely different and profound.

If you have experienced the flow of being in alignment with your chosen path, you understand how synchronistic the Universe can be – conspiring to help you or me down that path.  The day we returned from having our experience in St. Paul, we had a Zoom call with Gail Lynn, to inquire about opening a wellness center. Two days later, we committed to accept our first Harmonic Egg. As Gail told us at the time, the Egg chooses you.

Ken’s Brother had his own profound encounter inside the Harmonic Egg. As he told the story, his session began with a powerful relaxation experience. While in the Egg, it felt like someone wrapped a warm towel around his head. He had been unable to raise his eyes to look up since falling on his head two weeks prior. After his session, he was able to raise his eyes without strain or pain. His condition had disappeared.

Ken and I are driven by an innate desire to help people feel better.  This desire falls somewhere between a passion and an obsession.  We utilize many healing technologies – from the fairly conventional to the highly alternative – to support the well-being of our bodies and of those whom we care about, who face life with various temporary and long-term conditions.  The Harmonic Egg is a natural extension of our passion.  Spend a short time with either of us, and you will experience our contagious enthusiasm and commitment for helping people improve their health and through that, their quality of life. 

Since committing to open the first Harmonic Egg Center in the Chicagoland area, we have been working diligently in preparation to support your health and well-being through your direct experience in this extraordinary technology.  We are incredibly grateful for the many positive responses we have received, and beyond excited to have welcomed our second Harmonic Egg just following our one year anniversary. 

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