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Nourish mind Body and Spirit.

We provide an extraordinary wellness experience to nourish and heal our clients mind body and spirit.

Harmony Pavett

Harmony Pavett

Managing Director, Co-Founder

Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Healer, Musician

​Since a near-death experience at age 33 derailed her high-profile life and lifestyle in Hollywood, Harmony has been on a spiritual path of discovery and self-improvement.  Choosing semi-retirement, she uprooted her L.A. life and moved to Indonesia, where she began her full-time quest into self-exploration and realization.


During this time, she was introduced to Bhakti Yoga (devotional singing or Mantra).  Her spiritual journey lead her to India, where she studied under enlightened monks, Guru's and advanced spiritual beings.  She has also studied Shamanism and worked with plant medicines to raise human consciousness.

While living in Bali, she launched an all-natural hair and body-care company, including a brick and mortar store in Ubud.  After four years of building the business, Harmony learned she had been betrayed by her business partner and she reached her personal bottom.


As a result of that experience, she traveled to Varansi, India, where she was forced to look inwards - realizing her part in co-creating that experience. While staying in Varanasi and with compromised health, Harmony had a second near-death experience, where her Spirit left her body and communicated with God. 

During that communication, God told her that she was going to leave her body and asked Harmony if she had any final requests.  Her request was to stay, because she realized that her mission here wasn't complete. God granted her that request, and she returned to her body and began an arduous natural journey back to good physical health.

Harmony was guided by Spirit to return "to her home" to share the wisdom that she had attained.  In 2018 - after over 9 years living abroad and after 3 short weeks back in the states - Harmony fell in love and moved to Naperville, where she lives together with her best friend, husband and now business partner, Ken. 

Harmony remains a dedicated student and practitioner of multiple healing modalities, including Kundalini yoga, Mantra singing, sound healing, subtle energy work and deeksha blessings.  These life experiences make Harmony uniquely qualified to lead clients on your individual healing journeys utilizing the Harmonic Egg.

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Harmony has been a practitioner of Kundalini Yoga for over 15 years and a certified teacher for 2 years.  She studied and trained under the wing of late Guru Jagat from RAMA Institute in Venice, California.  Her extensive knowledge of yoga, energy, vibration, sound, Mantra and healing came from her 9 year sabbatical living between Bali, Indonesia and India. Harmony studied at the Oneness University in India for over 5 years.  She also studied Sanskrit singing called Kirtan, shamanic practice, tantric practices, plant medicines and Human Design.  She also released 2 albums and recorded 2 licensed pieces for Harmonic Egg.Harmony is the co-founder of Harmonic Egg - Naperville where she applies her wisdom to guide clients through transformational energy healings.

Charity Grayson

Charity Grayson

Harmonic Egg Facilitator

Licensed massage therapist and Reiki practitioner

Charity was born and raised in sunny Southern California.  She moved to the Midwest 22 years ago, where she raised her children and embarked on a career focused on helping people and improving their well-being.

Charity’s prior experience includes supporting cancer patients as an Oncologist’s Radiation Assistant.  For nine years, she helped people as a personal Weight Loss Coach for Jenny Craig.  Charity also owned and operated an Illinois-licensed daycare center, specializing in caring for medically-fragile children.  For the past six years, Charity has been actively helping her clients as a licensed massage therapist and Reiki practitioner.

Charity experienced one session in our Harmonic Egg seven months ago and instantly decided to join as a member.  At that time, Charity was overweight and fatigued.  She was also struggling with personal loss and grief and was determined to make positive changes to her life. Since that first session, Charity has lost over 37 pounds and has become more energetic and vibrant.  She has processed through her past pain and grief and is now living more authentically happy and vibrationally-aligned life.


Charity has experienced the benefits the Harmonic Egg first-hand; how our technology has supported her in her desire to heal and transform her life.  She has also learned that it’s never too late to live as your best and most healed self!  She has always had a desire for helping others along their own personal growth journey - to reach your own healthiest, happiest lives.  

In her down time Charity enjoys spending time with her loving fiancé, 3 beautiful children, and adorable fur babies. She enjoys continually learning and growing, deepening her understanding of holistic health, spending time in nature and traveling.


Charity is beyond excited to join the Harmonic Egg - Naperville team.  She views facilitating Harmonic Egg sessions - and the resulting relief, healing and personal growth that the Harmonic Egg supports - as a rich and rewarding experience.  This is more than a interest for Charity; helping people and improving their well-being has been the focus of her career and her passion.

We are better for knowing Charity, and her kind, caring and open-hearted nature - and believe that you will soon feel the same way. 


Welcome, Charity, to our team!

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