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healing for your body, mind, and spirit 

"We provide an extraordinary wellness experience to

nourish and heal our clients’ mind, body and spirit.”


About the Egg

Energy Medicine Delivered with

Patented Healing Technology

The Harmonic Egg is an innovative technology that uses bio-geometry, sound, light and color to provide an experience in wellness - repairing, de-stressing and providing a profoundly relaxing environment - promoting natural wellness and balance.

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Success Stories

I have been doing monthly Harmonic Egg sessions with Harmony for just over a year now.  I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for meeting Harmony and joining her community.

Harmonic Egg sessions have helped balance my nervous system and have gotten me out of chronic fight or flight that I am pretty sure I have lived in for the majority of my life. I have felt improvements with fatigue, inflammation associated with my hypermobility, recovery following illness and a sense of calm and balance in my life. By calming my nervous system, I feel like I have finally had the ability and clarity to address my own traumas and feel like I am truly growing as a person in so many ways.

I feel blessed to have found something that helps with my spiritual and personal growth, while feeling like the most gentle caring hug.

10/10 would recommend! 

Dr. Kalli Prater, D.C.

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1801 N. Mill Street, Suite L

Naperville, IL 60563

+1 (630) 780 - 0193

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