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Gail Lynn The inventor

We provide an extraordinary wellness experience to nourish and heal our clients’ mind body and spirit.


Gail Lynn


How Healing Leads to Innovation


Gail Lynn is the inventor and creator of the Harmonic Egg. At age 37, she was diagnosed with severe cardiovascular stress stemming from the pressure of a competitive career and more than one broken relationship. She had depleted her physical, emotional, and psychological reserves. Searching for a natural therapy that might help her, she stumbled across light and sound therapy.

The healing she experienced from a single session of this therapy, while not immediate, seemed almost miraculous to her.


She was intrigued, and she reserved a few more sessions. Gail has a wide-ranging background in creative endeavors, as a business owner and in the field of engineering. She knew that the light and sound therapy she had experienced could be improved, and she was excited to realize that she possessed the exact gifts needed to do that.


In 2010 she opened her first light and sound therapy center in Denver, Colorado using the older technology she had first experienced. Over the next few years, she studied bio-resonant frequencies, Nikola Tesla’s theories of 3,6, and 9, sacred geometry, heliotherapy, chromotherapy, and much more. She pondered how to create a chamber with the perfect

combination of size ratios, materials, and shapes to enhance resonance. She enlisted the expertise of professional musicians to create some proprietary music specifically designed to utilize the acoustics of the egg shape to help the body heal itself. Gail also collaborates with professional light and sound engineers on the Harmonic Egg team. In 2020 she was approved for a patent for her invention, the Harmonic Egg, just 4 years after applying.


Now Gail has turned her attention to bringing the Harmonic Egg technology to more communities throughout the US and the world. In addition to making the Harmonic Egg available for sale to other holistic practitioners, she generously shares her knowledge. Gail is passionate about helping people transform their health and achieve mental and emotional well-being by energizing the healing power within themselves. 

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