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Gong Sound Bath Meditation
October 27, 2023

6:00 - 7:30 pm

Harmonic Egg - Naperville

Harmonic Egg - Naperville delivers empowering tools to help you relax, unwind and deepen your connection creating peace of mind.  These events will complement your integration period following your Harmonic Egg Session, bringing you into a deeper space of relaxation.

We will be providing well-being modalities that will assist you in your daily life, creating simple and effective techniques you can take home with you to continue practicing, as well as belonging to a new community of like minded people.

Harmony Pavett, founder of Harmonic Egg - Naperville and special guests will be masterfully presenting a sound and breath wellness experience as we welcome you to the Harmonic Egg family.


Guided Drumming Meditation

Ancient traditions have used drums to heal, purify the body, mind and spirit.  When drumming is guided by experienced guides, you can enter into a deep internal trance, connectivity, and relaxation. No experience is necessary. Drums will be provided if needed.

Gong Meditation

 Experience the powerful healing vibrations of the Gong.  When a gong is masterfully played, the deep sound waves of the gong can break up scar tissues, trauma and anger bringing you into a deep space of peace and relaxation. 

Three Women

Vocal Activation

All Sessions

When you activate the voice,  you active your body's natural intelligence of healing. Voice activations will support you to empower your voice,  helping you to honor and speak your truth from a deep space of self-love, creating conscious boundaries.

Breath Awareness

All Sessions

Breath is the gateway to life.  Throughout our lives, we have faced trauma, accidents and stress.  These pivotal events may have lead to shortness of breath, which in hindsight is a form of hyperventilation.  When you learn to activate breath awareness, you will begin to feel more peace of mind thoughout your stressful days.  Things that used to create angst in your life may become a different kind of experience.

Kundalini Yoga Breathing
Harmony Headshot.jpg

What is Kunalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga is also known as "yoga of awareness", this practice progressively works through specific sets, called Kriya’s, that include a combination of movement, sound, and chakra healing meditation, to gently train you to become more conscious of your blocks, both emotionally and physically. This powerful form of yoga also provides deep healing by releasing trauma from the energetic body, eliminates blocks and limiting beliefs, and improves self-confidence and resilience.Kundalini Yoga is knowns for its transformative benefits.  This practice builds physical strength and stamina and enhances cognitive function, emotional fitness and connection. Many people describe the experience as exhilarating, euphoric, and powerful. Kundalini Yoga supports the awakening of inner intelligence for health, happiness, and vitality. This holistic technology that can be used by people of any belief and from all walks of life. Kundalini Yoga provides a path for householders: people with families, social roles, and worldly concerns.

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