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Current Testimonials from Harmonic Egg - Naperville
Three Women
I have seen significant shifts in my life and my children's lives that I can't even begin to list.

I can't speak more highly of the Harmonic Egg and the owner Harmony.  Since the moment I walked through her doors over a year ago, I have felt such peace and I always look forward to my next session. I have seen significant shifts in my life, that I can't even begin to list. The creative downloads, financial abundance, and physical healing that comes during and in between my egg sessions continue to surprise me and elevate my life in every aspect. 

I have even started bringing my children come to work with Harmony and to receive egg treatments. For years, my son, now 16yrs, has struggled with grades/homework and procrastination. He is very smart and in all honors and AP classes, but could not seem to get his act together. However, after few sessions with Harmony and he now has all A's and 1 B in his advanced calculus class. This is a HUGE change from getting D's and C's in the past. He says he feels more aware of what he needs to do and his mind isn't so flooded with distractions. (Yay!!!!)

My other daughter had encountered some typical jr -high insecurities and I did not want those issues to take root, so I brought her to the egg and Harmony to work through things. After 3 sessions, I now have my joyful happy daughter back. As a mom, I couldn't be happier.

I have sent so many friends and loved ones to the egg. No one had had a bad experience and those who were willing to put in the work experienced profound changes.   If you are even thinking about doing an egg session with Harmony, do not hesitate.  Go- go NOW and book. Your future self will thank you.

-Autumn Perrault | @Autumn.Marie.P

When I began working with Harmony, I thought I was destined to be in pain for the remainder of my life

I have been working with Harmony from Harmonic Egg - Naperville for several years now in my effort to make my remaining working years as fulfilling as possible and to be in the best shape mentally and physically to enjoy my retirement. My intention is to feel limber, lighter, and strong. 

I started working with Harmony when I was at the stress breaking point and was scared I was going to lose it. Now, I have very little stress. Harmony provided techniques I can use to relieve stress which is extremely effective and practical.

My personal achievements thus far:

Lost 60 pounds.

Developed a new holistic lifestyle with food and beverage.

Created a new meditation practice that has helped me be more centered, calm, and focused.

Created an amazing relationship with my inner spirit.

Started doing yoga- Harmony made it easy and I love it. My body feels amazing when I do my practice. (I am 6'8- I have never done yoga until Harmony introduced Kundalini Yoga to me, it has changed my life for the best.)

Exercise daily with cardio.

Bought a new home.

Started a new job.

Fell into some "old" habits, gained some weight back, then with Harmony's coaching and patience, I found my inner empowerment, lost the weight, and gained inner discipline.

I used to live on fast food and ice cream. I was addicted to sugar, as much as anyone addicted to drugs or alcohol. I was powerless against my sugar addiction. Now, I plan ahead so I have good healthy things to eat and avoid fast food. Ice cream no longer has a place in my life. 

Our current program includes meeting every other week to review my personal development progress. After this is established, I do a session in the egg to “lock-in” my intentions. It is that simple. The egg is an amazing space to shut out the world and really focus on your commitments to yourself. I always “hatch” from the egg more focused, more energized, and more relaxed than I have been able to achieve, any other way. I would not miss bi-weekly sessions. 

Harmony is the key to this process. She is very committed to understanding where you are and where you need to go. This makes her the perfect person to help her clients get the very most out of time at her center and in the egg. Come committed to making things better and she will help show you the path and give you the tools you need to make it happen for yourself. 


It is an amazing opportunity to look inward and commit to the things I want to achieve, to be the best I can be.

When I began working with Harmony, I thought I was destined to be in pain for the remainder of my life. Now I look forward to my 60’s and 70’s instead of dreading them.

–Steve T., Label Engineering Manager

Three Women
I've experienced many wonderful, life-changing experiences at Harmonic Egg - Naperville

I’ve been going to the Egg and seeing Harmony since August 2021. Initially, I became interested in this type of nontraditional healing when I saw Gail Lynn's interview on GAIA’s Open Minds. It was immediately intriguing.

When I was 11 years old I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism. Thyroid issues could cause depression, which was an indication that I did have this thyroid disorder. For the past 3 years, my intention was to completely heal my thyroid and get off medication.

Notably, I've tried all traditional types of healing and at this point many nontraditional too. I've tried acupuncture/herbal remedies, reiki, hypnosis, and sacred plant based healing. All of these have different levels of effectiveness, but the Egg's healing is something transcendent in nature.


Currently, I am taking the lowest amount of thyroid medication that I've ever taken in my life and experience no symptoms. I am also the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. I definitely attribute this to both physical and spiritual healing that I received from the Egg and with Harmony's guidance.

Harmony is magnificent. I've never met someone who can so instantaneously originate where your trauma is stemming from and then optimize how to get you healed in both a coaching session and the Egg. She is so gifted! Harmony knows how to tell you the hard, difficult truth in a way that empowers you.

If you're looking for any type of healing (emotional, physical or spiritual) you are in the right place. The Harmonic Egg will leave you refreshed and energized in a way that nothing else quite can. You will also build an amazing relationship with Harmony who genuinely wants the best for you and shows you that you should want the best for yourself too.

–Krista Krepp

My first session was so relaxing and worked like a charm to relieve my anxiety symptoms

My first session was so relaxing and worked like a charm to relieve my anxiety symptoms. Charity was so kind and took the time to curate a perfect session for my specific needs.

For my Egg experience I had a private room that had the space for my belongings to be stored. I made sure to leave my phone on silent as well. Inside the Egg I received a blanket and two cushions that I actually propped between the chair and my spine to create an open posture that helped me relax even more.


After my 50 minute session Charity opened the Egg for me and was waiting with a nice electrolyte drink.

It was a wonderful experience and I’ll be back in 2 weeks for my next session.
-Katie Gallegos

Enjoying Outdoor
Each experience brings a significant increase in vitality

My Harmonic Egg experience was very powerful. The energy was very strong, yet relaxing.  It felt like someone was working on my left leg and good.  I few days after my session I noticed some feeling return to the areas of my foot that have been numb since my El Camino walk in 2019.  

Every time I visit the Egg, I experience powerful energy working in various parts of my body.  For example, the session after hurting my back focused on that area and it was 90 percent better when I finished. I was grateful to move quickly through that injury so I could get back to work. When I asked for healing on my knee, I felt my leg moving and adjustments happening during the session. My knew was more mobile and pain-free afterward. I have also had more cosmic experiences when we focused on my nervous system. In that state of total relaxation, I traveled out into the cosmos.  Each experience brings a significant increase in vitality. I highly recommend this modality! I’m looking forward to my next session! 

–Kristen Panek, Best Selling Author, Founder, and Spiritual Director - Flowering Heart Center

Remote Session

During my remote session, I immediately felt sensations in my throat, and the forehead.  Then it moved to my belly.  My whole body was vibrating.  Then I fell asleep and I woke up slowly later feeling very relaxed.  Thank you so much.

–Client that lives in France

My remote session was really quite amazing​Just wanted to share that the remote session was really quite amazing.

I felt some incredible sense of “lightness and calm” - Not sure I’ve ever been able to relax like that.  My feet and hands/ arms actually had a tingling sensation during the session and I almost felt like a drug-induced high. I never actually fell asleep but was so mellow and just chilled the rest of the day.–Peter - CEO

I woke up slowly later feeling very relaxed
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